Prayer of Belief

Lord Jesus Christ, I admit that I am weaker and more sinful than I ever before believed, but, through you I am more loved and accepted than I ever dared hope.

I thank you for paying my debt, bearing my punishment and offering forgiveness.

I turn from my sins and receive you as Savior. Amen.



  • Prayer

    Can you pray for Khadijah Harden that God will save her and that she will find a church home to get into the words of God. Pray that God will open up her spiritual eyes and give her a heart after Jesus Christ.

  • pet home

    pleas epray for naimal lovers to solve the problems to find a safe home for 2 cats who lost their only owner and stayed alone in empty hpuse. Urgently, they will be abandoned in short time.Thanks

  • Blessings

    God the girl I've been seeing at the library a lot I want you to bless me and her so much, I really want you permanently bless our relationship by making it very very easy for us to have fun and do stuff together and make it so we are able to be and are as close as brother and sister and help and bless us being friends from now on in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

  • love and family

    Please pray for Michelangelo that he finds his way home and become the person he used to be before he made wrong decisions and we can share again our life. This would be a miracle. THANKS

  • Promise

    I have a promise god gave me and I am praying for god to manifest it in 2019

  • deliverance

    Please pray that I be set free from the enemy of abduction and hatred and my son Eledaa Zechariah Kamphuijs and retrieve my soul and set the captives free and ask that my soul be returned to me from Saran and my son's and save Bruce Bradshaw's life and family and save Seth Benjamin Kamphuijs' s life.

    Dr. Magdalena Lovejoy

  • Pray for apartment

    Can you pray that God will give me favor to get this two bedroom apartment; I just want a happy home for my 6 year old autistic son and 3 year old son.

  • Health

    new prayer PLEASE

    still i ask Jesus to heal oksana , a widow in kiev, ukraine (she can t work)
    and help nastia -her daughter student_to live a decent life with more christian friends and be luckier.
    also ,ioulia the christian grand-mother poor.

    as for me that God shows me what to do to succeed in my life

    thanks a lot for your former PRAYERS
    ludovic sarraz-bournet, france

  • prayer

    For staff and chain:

    Our dear heavenly father,

    Please expose the sales throttling and shadow banning of Jesus Reigns USA on Ebay. Please give Luke encouragement and guidance getting the information and facts together. Lord please show Luke who and where to file the report. We thank you in Jesus name!

  • Reconciliation

    Natalie and her husband Abdirahim Mohammed is separated . Abdirahim wants to reconcile and renew their vows . Pray that Natalie welcomes , is ready and accepts Abdirahim's heart , love and romance . Pray that she knows when Abdirahim will call her and when they will meet . Pray that Natalie knows when Abdirahim and she will conceive a baby and when she will give birth in Jesus Name .

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