Prayer of Belief

Lord Jesus Christ, I admit that I am weaker and more sinful than I ever before believed, but, through you I am more loved and accepted than I ever dared hope.

I thank you for paying my debt, bearing my punishment and offering forgiveness.

I turn from my sins and receive you as Savior. Amen.



  • hi

    pastor call me william today 856-602-1213

  • blessing

    please pray to the Lord to grant me supernatural success not just in finances, but in relationships and the spirit realm as well, in Jesus name amen

  • prayers for loved ones and family

    Hi, please pray my favor in a legal dispute and in my life. That no one ever sue me, take my home, possessions, finances & anything similar as well as not put liens against my home ever. That Sandy, myself & our families never be sued and served forever. Not even enter minds to do that against us forever. I not get in trouble at all for the Notary I did & not be sued ever. Please, pray that Sandy, myself & my family not stress about it at all. We, our homes,where we work (and all around it) possessions infinitely protected and none try to harm, rob & do anything similar against us forever. All plans to do that cease & none even try to do that against us. Lord, let no one sue me in the future nor want to nor even think to. Let me not lose this case and the case be finalized in my favor. Allow Sandy, myself Tom, Christy, Nick, Linda, Scott, our families have infinite healing, peace, joy, protection, strength, sound minds, huge financial blessings & not be stressed out at all without anything bad happening just be. Please, pray no one sues myself, my family & Sandy in the future or at all ever again. Lastly, all spiritual warfare, trials & afflictions lifted from Sandy & I and never return. In Jesus name the prayers get to the One true God and sustained without wavering forever. In Jesus name amen

  • Prayer request

    I'm asking that you pray for Khadijah Harden that she be separated and remove from Lawrence Lettley and Teresa Glivens forever because Lawrence and Teresa are demonic filled and they believe in witchcraft strongly. They got demonic strongholds and demonic influence over Khadijah life especially her mind and she need to be delivered from them for good.

  • Salvation

    Guo Guangchang, too Received Salvation and Water Baptized in Jesus name.

  • Prayer request

    I'm asking for prayer for Khadijah Harden; pray for her salvation. Pray that she'll accept and have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Deliverance

    Please pray that all demonic bondages and deception break off me and my family

  • Grace

    Prayers for Christ to accord his people with Grace in all manners. Bless their heart with Nerviness, Holy Ghost, and Rebirth to their youth to serve the Kingdom through all eras, not suffering from hexes, ailments, or lack of nutrition. Come to them Jesus to their families to split this blessing to all similarly.

  • Prayer for Healing and other requests

    Greetings, please pray for complete personal healing – currently feeling unwell (feeling cold, fatigue, etc) as well as for protection against COVID-19 for our entire family and anxiety regarding our health. Please also pray that no part of our lot will have to be expropriated anymore by the government. Thank you very much and God bless.

  • Marriage

    Please pray God will miraculously guide the life partner He has chosen for me, into my life. And that He will protect me from counterfeits. I am also interested in a Christian called Evan.but we are strangers. Please pray God's will, will take place in my life.

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  • K said...

    All my friends and colleagues who take drugs please heal them and me and all the lesbians and LGTBQI